Senior Front End Developer


Our Berlin team now consists of 40 crafty individuals from 20 different countries. From Australia to South Korea, and South Africa to Bulgaria, we have rounded up quite a diverse group of folks who help with everything from printing orders to writing code. Members of the Berlin team speak 23 languages and while we come from various corners of the globe we all unite around the common goal of craftiness and creativity!

  • Visa Sponsorship
  • Paid Relocation
  • html
  • css
  • js
  • react
At Spoonflower, we offer print on-demand fabric, wallpaper, and gift wrap. Spoonflower is based in Durham, North Carolina and our second office and print facility in Berlin is a year old. We offer a fun, creative environment and are looking for a unique group of individuals with exceptional skills in their areas of expertise to come together to foster and drive the success of Spoonflower and the Berlin office.

We are looking for
  • Working English proficiency in speaking and writing
  • 3-5 years experience in a professional setting
  • Skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Experience in React a plus
  • Passion for design, innovation and out-of-the-box solutions
  • Passion for textiles, home decor, color, pattern or the DIY movement is a plus
  • Technologies we use: Amazon Web Services, Puma, nginx, Puppet, Vagrant, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, React, Redux, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Sass, Grunt.js, Webpack, npm, Mocha, Enzyme, Expect, Git, Jira, New Relic

Spoonflower needs you. We are committed to the evolution of textiles as digital media. This is your opportunity to reshape an old industry into a new one. This job will reward a thinker that wants to help innovate entirely new ways to bridge the physical and digital worlds. We encourage a casual, family-friendly office space and love when our employees are just as creative and passionate as our customers. Spoonflower is just getting started in Berlin and you can be one of the first employees that helps us get everything running.

  • Education benefit to use as you wish (conferences, classes, etc.)
  • Apple equipment
  • Company-paid phone plan
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